AB540 and Undocumented Student Center Mentorship and Professional Development Fellowship

The Mentorship and Professional Development (MPD) Fellowship Program provides junior and senior undergraduate students with the opportunity to be paid--regardless of work authorization--to participate in a culturally relevant mentorship and professional development program. We commit to provide transformative mentorship, intensive career preparation, and meaningful academic/vocational opportunities while addressing the specific challenges and concerns of upcoming college graduates. This is experienced in an intensive, two-quarter professional development journey during the Winter and Spring Quarters to gain a multifaceted understanding of and preparation for the professional world and graduate school options after undergraduate education.

Program Requirements

Fellows must meet the following criteria to qualify for the MPD Fellowship Program:

  • Must be an enrolled junior or senior undergraduate student at UC Davis
  • Must have completed AB540 verifications and California State Dream Act Applications on file with UC Davis Financial Aid
  • Must complete the entire MPD Fellowship Program application by the announced deadline

Upon selection, Fellows must commit to MPD for the duration of an academic year’s Winter and Spring quarters. Starting January, Fellows are asked to devote 10 hours per week towards the following:

  • 6-8 hours of meaningful service in one of our pre-approved placement sites, including a 1-hour individual mentor meeting
  • Enrollment in a Professional Development and Life After College Preparation Educational Seminar supporting MPD Fellows in their professional development for 2 hours per week lasting 10 weeks in total


Questions? Contact Ignacio/Nacho Alarcón at ialarcon@ucdavis.edu