CUREs challenge students to develop research skills while contributing to the research of UC Davis scientists & scholars. 

Course-based undergraduate research experiences (CURE) invite whole classes of undergraduates to address a research question or problem that is of real interest to the instructor teaching the course or the broader disciplinary research community. These special seminars provide students a special opportunity to make relevant discoveries, engage in iterative work, receive impactful mentorship, and share research results with stakeholders.

Who should enroll in a CURE? 

Any first year student — freshman or transfer — who is curious about research at UC Davis and wants to prepare themselves to take advantage of research opportunities on this campus!

CUREs allow you to: 

  • Experience the technical side of research in a supportive environment
  • Identify new career and educational pathways 
  • Connect to your instructors on a one-on-one basis
  • Find out if research is right for you
  • Start to feel more like a scientist or scholar
  • Link what you learn in lecture with what is happening in the real world 


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