Provost's Undergraduate Fellowship - Past Recipients Fall 2022

Congratulations to the Fall 2022 Recipients!

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Monica Ardon, Animal Biology - Effects of hCESCs When Used in Mechanical Injury Using a Rabbit Model
Melissa Huang, Food Science - Impact of PPIs on protein and starch breakdown of standard meals in vitro
Christopher Prajogo, Biotechnology - Effects of trans vaccenic acid on Akt protein phosphorylation in a mouse model of diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance
Meirun Zhang, Environmental Science and Management - Putah Creek Herpetofauna Survey


College of Biological Sciences

Cameron Vasquez, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Characterizing the function of CK1alpha-dependent CLOCK phosphorylation in regulating Drosophila circadian rhythms
Aishini Singh, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Investigation of the dopaminergic and serotonergic neuronal activity underlying the development of tau pathology following traumatic brain injury
Jade Lin Dungca, Human Biology - Activation Dynamics of the Lateral Parabrachial Nucleus to the Amygdala during emotional learning and Behavior
Martin Kim, Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity - Investigating the role of IGFBP4 upregulation in TET2 Deficient Pancreatic Cancer
Ariana Enriquez, Molecular and Medical Microbiology - Investigating the Genetic Basis for the Virulence in Ralstonia solanacearum IIB-4 Strains
Lauren Ward, Evolution, Ecology & Biodiversity - Movement and Microbes: How Dispersal Distances and Microbial Communities Interact to Affect Seed Germination
Tiffany Oentoro, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Does nutrient starvation induced stress impact the ability of cells to respond to replication stress?
Carissa Erices, Biological Sciences - Early Stages of Tau Pathology in a Rhesus Monkey Model of Alzheimer’s Disease


College of Engineering

Yifei Du, Biomedical Engineering - Using Ultrasound Imaging to Decode Individual Finger Movements
Augustina Diener, Biomedical Engineering - Identifying force-dependent protein interactions surrounding actin filaments
Jonathan Hale, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - UAV Drone Docking on a Stationary Landing Pad
Pin-Ru Lin, Biomedical Engineering - Pitting foe against foe - Engineering Cyborg Bacteria as antimicrobials
Aman Manvattira, Computer Science and Engineering - Cochlearity
Emily Makeev, Biological Systems Engineering - Investigating the potential of the Complex Coacervation spray drying process (CoCo process) to control the release of mosquito repellants into the atmosphere


College of Letters and Science

YooKyum Jeon, Sociology - Organizational Studies - Assessment of UC Davis Undocumented Students' Experiences and Needs
Shelly Sagy, Psychology - The Effects of Repetition on Word Recognition in Infants
Brenda Damian, Sociology and Psychology - The “Crimmigration” Impact on Undocumented Indigenous Mexican Migrants
Alicia Dye, Cognitive Science (Neuroscience Emphasis) - The Cerebellum Regulates Fear Extinction Through Connections To The Parabrachial Nucleus
Yanele Ledesma, Biochemistry & Sociology - Valley Fever Mortality Rates and Prevention Language Across Vulnerable Workers in California Counties
Natasha Hanna, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry - Noble Gases Speleothems as Paleotemperature and Geochronology Proxies
Adam Pratt, Sociology - The moderating effect of gender on social support as protective factor against adolescents suicide
Delfina Aguilera, Sociology - BIPOC Youth and Their Adaptation within Secondary Education Educational dispossession; Migration from School to Prisons
Angel Anene, Sociology - Identity within the Diaspora
Ellen Feuss, Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Synthesis and Applications of F5SCH2- Transfer Reagents
Keva Anderson, Linguistics - Made For Us, Spoken By Us: The Black Perception on Black Film
Haley Bjorklund, Anthropology - Investigating Yup’ik and Inupiat Woodworking Practices from an Archaeological Site near Shaktoolik, Alaska (1400-1900 CE)

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