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Discover Research

WHO does research?

UC Davis is one of the top research universities.   UC Davis undergraduates work with top-notch faculty committed to the mission of "Learning, Discovery and Engagement" across all majors.  

WHY do research?

  • Explore career directions
  • Build transferable skills such as critical thinking, analytical skills, teamwork, leadership
  • Apply classroom teachings to real-life situations
  • Develop a professional research network and community connections within your field
  • Gain confidence as a research and a scholar
  • Learn to publicly advocate for and defend work
  • Enhance your resume
  • Contribute knowledge and impact the world
  • Have fun!

WHAT does research look like?

Research takes many forms and varies by major:

  • Library searches and archive work
  • Surveys and interviews
  • Laboratory benchwork
  • Modeling and computations
  • Fieldwork
  • Creative arts composition
  • Design

WHEN should I get involved?

Think about your involvement in undergraduate research as a progression through your college career at UC Davis, with opportunities to engage in as little or as much as you like. For example, First Year Seminars provide small classes designed to develop the critical and creative thinking skills you need for research.

HOW do I get started?

Check out our Get Started web page for undergraduate students interested in getting involved in research for more information and resources!