In 2010, UC Davis received funds from a UC multi-campus research program grant to establish the UC Davis Blum Center for Developing Economies. The Blum Center, modeled after the successful UC Berkeley Blum Center, draws upon UC Davis’ unique strengths and history as a leader in research, theory and applied science in Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources, Energy, Public Health, Veterinary Medicine, and Entrepreneurship. See: Blum Center at UC Davis.


Finding solutions that have a lasting and tangible impact on people living in poverty, through:

  • Education - merging theory, critical thinking and practice with hands–on experiential learning.
  • Application - encouraging applied research through field work geared at understanding the causes of poverty, its impact and effect while exploring opportunities for change.
  • Engagement - partnering with communities, building local capacity and implementing co-generated solutions that are sustainable.


  • Provide high-quality undergraduate and graduate classes that engage UC Davis students and faculty on development issues.
  • Convene hands-on labs where students learn about and build alternative energy technologies, complete market research and analyze projects through the "four lenses of sustainability".
  • Bring inspirational leaders and practitioners to campus to share their stories and experiences working on developing issues abroad.
  • Support innovative technological, financial, business/marketing and social solutions for alleviating poverty through two applied research grants for faculty and graduate students.
  • Encourage greater engagement of undergraduate students who receive travel grants to work on practical applications in the field.

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