Provost's Undergraduate Fellowship - Past Recipients

Congratulations to the Fall 2020 Recipients!

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences


Elizabeth Anderson, Animal Science - Effect of Plant-Derived Bioactive Compounds on Enteric Methane Emissions

Mingxuan Ge, Entomology - A Comprehensive Report on the Life Cycle of Parnassius Behrii

Serra Perry, Environmental Science and Management - Examining the Quantitative Extent of DNA Metabarcoding for Bat Diets Through an Arthropod Mock Community

Parker Wheeler, Biotechnology - Pollen Tube Gene Expression in Response to Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria


College of Biological Sciences


Ana Armenta Vega, Biological Sciences - The Role of EYES ABSENT Protein in Drosophila Melanogaster Seasonal Reproductive Physiology

Liam Condon, Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior - Prometryn-Induced Oxidative Stress and the Effects of Vitamin E

Eshetu Debebe, Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior - Olfactomedin-like 3 (OLFML3) Promotes the Glioma Cell Malignant Phenotype

Keely Ji, Cell Biology - Modeling Familial Pancreatic Cancer with CRISPR/Cas9 to Develop Personalized Cancer Therapy

Leann Le, Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior - Quantification of the Effect of Oxidation-Dependent Autonomous Activation of CaMKII Delta on Arrhythmogenic Calcium Mishandling in Cardiac Myocytes

Brandon Reyes-Chavez, Microbiology - Characterizing Hydra’s Endodermal Nervous System

Keyun Wang, Cell Biology - Effect of Starch Branching Enzyme Gene Variants on Starch Digestibility and Quality Metrics in Tomatoes (Solanum Lycopersicum L.)


College of Engineering


Vicky Huynh, Materials Science and Engineering - Titanium Intercalation into 2D Layered Materials

Minori Iizuka, Biomedical Engineering - How Do Different Lunge Mechanics Affect Knee Loading?

Tzu Wei Lai, Biomedical Engineering - Resolving the Roles of Zyxin-ARHGAP42 Interactions in Cell Migration

Mira Welner, Computer Science Engineering - A Video Game System to Assess Control Interfaces for Pediatric Prostheses


College of Letters and Science


Karim Abou Najm, Computer Science - Auditory Information Filtering: An Augmented Amplification Software

Sarah Bjerkholt, Sociology - Combating Sexual Harassment in Secondary Schools: A Case Study of One Bay Area High School

Rachel Drizin, Sociology - Investigating Legal Consciousness Among Legal Aid Workers

Elya Kandahari, Chemistry - The Total Synthesis of Ibogaine Through a Cascade Sequence

Tamyia Landers, Psychology/Sociology - Pandemic Homeschooling: How Will This Impact Children?

Lyrissa Leininger, Economics - Community Referrals for Heart Failure Patients

Andrea Lopez Arguello, Physics - Cryo E.M Sample Preparation Device

Jaqueline Mendoza Rosales, Cinema and Digital Media - Artificial Intelligence Predicting Crime : Examining Predpol usage by Police Departments in the U.S.

Emma Tolliver, English/Political Science, Public Service - Davis Journal of Legal Studies

Gabriella Torres-Valencia, Sociology - Intimate Partner Violence Among Latinas

Rigo Tovar, Sociology - Condinas and Community Banking in Crisis Times

Jessica Waltmon, Psychology - The Consequences of a False Growth Mindset

Hannah Wang, Communication/Managerial Economics - Personal and Civic Outcomes of Online Community Leadership