Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Photo Contest Winner!

October 16, 2018

Congratulations to our first undergraduate research photo contest 1st place winner, Nicole Chanel!  

Nicole is a Textiles & Clothing major working on textile strength.  In addition to lunch with our new Associate Director, Dr. Elizabeth Nuñez and a $25 Amazon giftcard, Nicole wins a #urc t-shirt - another textile for her to test!

Treasure Warren

September 27, 2019

Treasure Warren

Environmental Chemistry, 2018  

Research Experience/Topic: Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

Jennie Ahn

August 30, 2019
JENNIE AHN, Senior, Biological Sciences, 2019

Research Program: IIFH
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Neelima Sinha, Plant Biology
Research Title: Improving the Fruit Quality in Tomato
Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
Three words to describe me: organized, hardworking, and passionate

What are your future plans and/or goals?

Christine Book

August 30, 2019
CHRISTINE BOOK, Senior, Chemical Engineering, 2019

Research Program: IIFH
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Xi Chen, Chemistry
Research Title: Fortifying Infantile Health: Optimizing Fucosyltansferase Expression
Hometown: Bay Point, CA
Three words to describe me: fortunate, wanderlust, scatterbrained

What are your future plans and/or goals?

I'm hoping to enroll in graduate school and move onto computational biology while staying within the realm of glycobiology and natural products.

Winnie Chen

August 30, 2019
WINNIE CHEN, Junior, Chemistry, 2019

Research Program: IIFH
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carlito Lebrilla, Chemistry
Research Title: Glycosidic Linkage Composition of Non-Edible Plants/Carbohydrate Characterization of Medicinal Herbs
Hometown: Guangzhou, China
Three words to describe me: passionate, curious, optimistic

What are your future plans and/or goals?

I would like to continue my research and expand the database.

Midori Huapaya-Renbarger

August 28, 2019
MIDORI HUAPAYA-RENBARGER, Junior, Mechanical Engineering, 2019

Research Program:  NSF LSAMP/CAMP
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maury Hull, Orthopedics and Biomechanics   
Post Doc Mentor: Dr. Anne Haudenschild
Research Title: Kinematic Alignment Restores Healthy Joint Motion during Dynamic Activity
Hometown: Ventura, CA
Three words to describe me: innovative, empathetic, driven

What are your future plans and/or goals?

Medalist Joleen Cheah Stretches Cells and Her Capabilities

July 31, 2019

The Winner of the  Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in June 2019 and the Hanson Family Undergraduate Research Publication Award in 2018, among many other accolades, Joleen Cheah began working in the Yamada lab as a Freshman and is moving on to Stanford University for her PhD.  Learn more about her journey and her passion for mechanobiology in this article posted by Greg Watry: