Tony Moreno

Tony Moreno

Tony MorenoTony

Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 2018


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Graduate School: University of California, Los Angeles
Focus: Chemical Biology
Grad School Program: Chemistry and Biochemistry Doctoral Program
Previous Research Experience/Topic: Shaw Lab, Organic Synthesis. Synthesis of small molecules inhibitors of FtsZ.
Publication:  Acyclic Stereocontrol in the Additions of Nucleophilic Alkenes to αChiral NSulfonyl Imines

Jose (Tony) Moreno graduated from UC Davis in 2018 with a B.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.  Tony transferred to UC Davis from Merced community college after achieving his associates in Chemistry and also Biological Sciences.  While at Davis Tony was an active member of MURPPS and SACNAS. He also engaged in undergraduate research under the direction of Dr. Jared Shaw where he researched the synthesis of a potential new antibiotic target molecule, as well as diastereoselective method development of nucleophilic additions to electron-deficient imines. For his research at UC Davis Tony received the Provost undergraduate fellowship award in 2017. During summer 2017 Tony took an intern position at Aqua Metrology Systems Ltd. during the summer of 2017, to develop a patent-pending water treatment device for Chromium 6 remediation in drinking water which has successfully underwent pilot testing in Los Banos, Davis, and Napa County.  

Working with Dr. Shaw as an undergrad motivated Tony to pursue graduate school, and provided him with the research experience necessary to be a competitive grad school applicant. Tony was later accepted into PhD programs at University of Illinois Chicago, UCLA and UCI for Pharmacognosy,  Biochemistry and chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, respectively.  He is currently pursuing a PhD at University of California, Los Angeles.

Tony has this to say about the MURPPS program:Tony lab pic

"MURPPS provided me the opportunity to pursue my passion for research, and help me gain the experience necessary to be a strong graduate school candidate. The research stipend allowed me to avoid splitting my time between a part-time job, classes, and research, which allowed me to fully immerse myself in my studies. Furthermore, MURPPS has helped me connect with a wider range of mentors and colleagues that I will have for a lifetime... Thank you so much for all you do and have done with the undergrads at Davis. I know I found it enriching and it definitely helped me get to where I am now. Thanks Lolita!" – TONY MORENO – Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MURPPS 2017-2018

Another quote from Tony...

"Undergraduate research is an integral component of any student with their sights on higher education beyond the bachelor's level. The program allowed me an opportunity to participate in this integral aspect of higher education by lifting a financial barrier that barred my path. The stipend helped open the door and the program itself was a hand out, welcoming me into an aspect of education that I was unfamiliar with: mentorship and support. The connections the program helped me make, with professors and peers alike, have endured and continue to help fuel my successes. During a graduate school visitation I shared with the department head about some of my mentors in the MURPPS program at UC Davis, and I was surprised to find out they played soccer together during undergrad. A seemingly random connection like that really helped the ensuing conversation flow, and is a small example of how this program has had an enduring, positive impact on my academic journey." – TONY MORENO – Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MURPPS 2017-2018