Titus Garrett

Titus Garrett

TITUS GARRETT, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2017

Undergraduate Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tim Ginn
Research Title: Particle Tracking Method for Upscaling Reactions on Mixing Fronts
What is your hometown and state, and where are you now?  Born in Fresno and currently live in Merced
Conferences: SACNAS, CAMP Research Symposium, UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference
Current Title: Project Engineer
Current Employer:  Webcor

Three words to describe me: Persistent, Determined, and Compassionate 

In what ways has engaging in undergraduate research impacted your future goals and plans?
Taking part in undergraduate researched allowed me to see what it would like to venture into grad school and engage with professor on a deeper level. I was afforded opportunities that I never imagined and was provided with options for my future. I formed relationships that will last me a lifetime and developed skill that serve me to this day.

What preparation and research experience did you have before applying to your research program?
A few months of research experience and no presentation experience.

What advice do you have for other undergraduate students seeking research experiences?
If you think you may even be remotely interested in research or graduate school take advantage of this opportunity. You are in one of the best research institutions in the nation.