Martin Bravo

Martin Bravo

MARTIN BRAVO, Senior, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 2019

Research Program: MURPPS
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jared T. Shaw, ChemistryMartin Bravo
Graduate Student Mentors:  Anna Lo and David Gutierrez 
Research Title: How to Control the Approach of Silyl Enolates to Chiral Imines
Hometown: Arcata, CA
Three words to describe me: introspective, curious, loyal

What are your future plans and/or goals?

Since I graduated in 2019, I plan to get a job in the chemical synthesis field in order to further improve my skills. After a couple of years of work, I plan to apply to graduate school for a PhD in Chemistry.

In what ways has engaging in undergraduate research impacted your future goals and plans?

Before learning organic chemistry, I was planning on becoming a doctor. However, the fascinating field of chemical reactions and molecular assembly made me change my goals. Furthermore, getting involved in lab research showed me more enjoyable career prospects better suited to my interests and skills.

Martin lab picWhat contribution(s) will your research make to your field of study?

Given that different spatial configurations (stereoisomers) of molecules can affect their effects in biological systems, stereoselective reactions are paramount to the effective synthesis of pharmaceuticals.My research will give synthetic and pharmaceutical chemists a new tool for making carbon-carbon bonds to chiral imines in a stereoselective way. These reactions can yield pharmaceutically active amine compounds.

What preparation and research experience did you have before applying to your research program?

Before applying to the MURPPS, I was already working at the Shaw Lab. Thus, I already had experience in organic chemistry synthesis.

Personal achievements/accomplishments or other news and information:

I presented my research at the Larock Undergraduate Research Conference, UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference, and the MURPPS Summer Symposium.

I completed a publication: Acyclic Stereocontrol in the Additions of Nucleophilic Alkenes to αChiral NSulfonyl Imines

What advice do you have for other undergraduate students seeking research experiences?

Seek out professors that research subjects of interest to you. Take courses with those professors. Be curious, ask questions, and go to office hours. Performing well in such courses will show the professor that you enjoy the material and would make a good candidate for joining their lab.