Lab Safety

Safety Training

Any personnel working in laboratories on campus must complete safety training.  This generally consists of online or in person courses offered by the Safety Services office, and specific training offered in the laboratory. You must complete training before you can physically enter a lab. To help find a faculty mentor, it can be very advantageous to complete safety training and show evidence of completion to prospective research mentors.  It shows initiative, saves time, and may make the faculty member more willing to accept you to their lab.

Below are recommended safety courses to get you started in different disciplines. You will likely need to complete additional specialized safety training for the lab you will be joining.

Save proof of completion for these courses to show to your research advisor or prospective advisor.  If you have already any of the courses, and are current in your certification, save proof of completion.

Laboratory Researchers

For all types of laboratory research take the standard UC Safety Training “UC Laboratory Fundamentals” course.

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In addition:

For work with cells take the “Biological Safety and Medical Waste Management” and “Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinets” courses

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For work with animals take the “Biological Safety and Medical Waste Management” and “Animal Care and Use 101 (ACU101)

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Medical Researchers

As you may be working with patients at UCDMC and School of Veterinary Medicine there are a number of safety and compliance procedures that we will need you to complete before you are able to receive your UCDMC badges to work at the hospitals.

1. Complete the  module on HIPAA compliance

Upon completion, please save a copy of proof that you have finished the module and send to Dr. Tran. 

2. You should also complete the CITI training for human subjects research.  Go to the Office of Research Required Education page  and take the Human Research Protections Training and Good Clinical Practice Courses. Please save proof of completion of these courses to send to Dr. Tran.

If you will be working in the hospital and will be exposed to patients you may also need to to confirm vaccination for MMR, TB, and chicken pox (or have had chicken pox before).  Be prepared to provide documentation of proof of vaccination.