Get Credit

Why Sign Up for 199?

  • IMPRESS POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS! Get transcript credit to show hours/week you spent doing research.  You can sign up for 1 unit for every 3 hours you work each week for the quarter (e.g. 4 units = working 12 h every week all quarter). By registering for 199 your transcript will show how many hours and how many quarters you conducted research.  Employers look upon this as a reflection of effort and commitment.
  • GET CREDIT! Research can satisfy minimum progress and in some majors can count towards degree credits.  
  • BE COUNTED! By registering for 199, we can track how many students are involved in research, and assess what campus resources should be provided to support you in your research efforts.
  • USE THE RIGHT COURSE CODES!  Remember 199 is for research. 194 is for a thesis project (sign up only if you have set up with a faculty mentor that you will be writing a thesis on your project). 192 is for internship, typically a non-UC Davis, off-campus experience. 

Afraid to hit unit cap?  Talk to your major advisor about petitioning to waive 199 from the unit cap calculation.  Also contact URC ( where we are keeping records to track reports of unit cap issue.








Student Transcript Notation for Research

If you’re in an approved and supervised research position working 40 hours or more per quarter, you can have your research efforts recorded on your official academic transcript through the “transcript notation” process in Aggie Job Link. Transcript notation will show “research internship”, the research professor you worked for and the quarter(s) that you participated.

Why Get Transcript Notation?

  • It officially documents your efforts in research.
  • It communicates your extracurricular experiences to potential graduate schools and employers.
  • It’s free!
  • It helps you establish goals, duties, and expectations with your research supervisor.
  • Many of your fellow Aggies are using transcript notation services to stand out!

How To Get Transcript Notation

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete the transcript notation process, view the student Transcript Notation informational document on the Internship and Career Center page on Internship Transcript Notation. If your internship employer would like more information about the transcript notation process, please refer them to the employer transcript notation page.