STEP 1: Guidelines and Policies Governing Student Presenters

31st Annual Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Conference

Who can participate:

  • UC Davis undergraduate students conducting research from any academic field under the guidance of a UC Davis faculty member.
  • UC Davis undergraduate students who participate in research at a National Lab (Los Alamos, Bodega Bay, Lawrence Livermore) under faculty guidance.
  • UC Davis undergraduate students who participate in research at another campus
    (e.g., summer research programs) under faculty guidance. However, they must also receive a UC Davis faculty member's approval to be a conference presenter.
  • Students can be recent UC Davis graduates (Fall 2019 or Winter 2020 graduates) as long as s/he has not started post-baccalaureate study and the research s/he is presenting was conducted during the current academic year, while an undergraduate student, under the supervision of a UC Davis faculty member.

Presentation Formats:  

Only one presentation format can be selected.  We are not able to accommodate more than one presentation type per presenter.  

Poster: Each presenter will be assigned a time slot and board to display a poster with their research, scholarship or creative activity. During the poster session, the presenter will stand next to their poster and engage with attendees by presenting their research and project details and answering questions about their project. Each poster session will last approximately 60 minutes. Poster sessions will take place on Friday, April 4, 2020.

Arts & Design Exhibit: Presenters will have the opportunity to present their art and/or design projects. These exhibits can be visual or interactive art including paintings and sculptures, or can be design projects including fashion design or displaying a prototype. Presenters will stand next to their art and design exhibits and interact with the audience attending the session. The art and design exhibits will remain set up for the entire conference time on Friday, April 24, 2020.

Oral and Performing Arts: Presenters will have a total of 15 minutes (including any Q&A) to present their research, scholarship or creative activities. Oral presentations are typically presented using PowerPoint or similar software. The performing arts includes presentations such as showing a student-created film, playing music composed by the presenter, or other performance. The performing arts presentations must also remain within the 15 minute time limit. Oral and performing arts presentations will take place on Saturday, April 25, 2020.  Both Orals and Performing Arts presentations will be held in rooms in Wellman Hall.  

Heading in red text stating Presenting as a team

In recognition that research can be a collaborative process, students undertaking research as part of a team may co-present (e.g. Senior Design Teams). 

The presenters must be undergraduate students who plan to be at the conference and participate in the presentation (i.e. do not list your professor, graduate students or other people who are involved in the research but will NOT be presenting at the conference).

Each presenter must complete the online registration form themselves by the deadline and obtain the faculty member's approval.

  • Each registration must contain the same title and abstract.


  • Poster teams may have a maximum of 4 presenters.
  • Poster teams will share a single poster


  • Oral teams may have a maximum of 6 presenters.
  • Each oral presenter will be allotted their own 15 minute period to present and take questions. (e.g., a team of three should be prepared to give a 45-minute presentation)

Conference participation:

Student presenters (Orals and Posters) must attend one Mandatory Conference Preparation & Information Session to be held in March:

The following Sessions will take place in the Multipurpose Room, Student Community Center


The following Mandatory Session is for ART and DESIGN EXHIBITORS ONLY in Room 2300, Student Community Center 


STEP 2:  Abstract Submission and Registration Information