Work Study Mini-Grant Matching Program

About Work Study:

Work Study is a federal program created to stimulate and promote part-time employment for undergraduate and graduate students who have financial need. Work-Study allows a student to earn financial aid through employment. Instead of a financial aid payment, the student's Work-Study award is paid in the form of a payroll check for time/hours worked. In addition to meeting educational expenses, work-study offers an opportunity for students to gain work experience, as well as providing essential services to the University and the community.  The Federal Program provides 75% of their earnings and the employer provides 25%.  UC Davis also has an Institutional Work-Study program for which international and AB540 students may be eligible. 

About Hiring a Work Study Eligible Student:

Hiring a student takes some planning ahead.  Students find out whether they are eligible for Work Study in June of each year. They can check in "MyAwards" and download a certificate that confirms their eligibility.   Work study funds are granted on a first come first served basis. Recently, funds available have not been exhausted, however from the time a student has been chosen, it can take several weeks before the appointment is processed through your department's service channels, and is entered into UCPath.  Faculty will work with their department's administrative staff and service channels for the hiring process.  The help sheet below gives an overview of the process and has helpful links.  

Help Sheet

About the Work Study Mini-Grant Matching Program:

The URC Work Study Mini-Grant Matching Program aims to increase paid undergraduate research positions two ways: (1) by encouraging students with work study awards to consider undergraduate research as their work study placement/employment and (2) by encouraging faculty to hire students with work study awards to work in their labs or on their research projects.  This program has the potential to diversify who is engaging in undergraduate research as it is based on financial need and available to international and AB540 students.  The URC will match up to 12.5% up to $500 of the 25% paid by the employer.  Research areas with historically limited funding will be given priority.  Funding is provided by the Office of Undergraduate Education.  

Application Process:

Faculty and student will each complete a URC WS mini-grant application:

  • All positions must be posted to Handshake for at least 24 hours.. The position description and the Handshake posting number will need to be provided on the Work Study Mini-Grant Matching Program application. This is to ensure that the student being hired is making independent contributions to the research and/or creative activity.
  • Student(s) must submit a Work Study Certificate to show active award
Work Study Mini-Grant Matching Program Application


  • Position must be posted on Handshake and tagged as a work study eligible position. 
  • Students being hired must be making independent contributions to the research and/or creative activity.
  • Student(s) being hired must have an active work study award.