• The Student Community Center is home to the Undergraduate Research Center. Visit us on the second floor!

  • Speaker Series: Leading and Breaking Barriers in Research, Higher Education, and Industry

  • The UC Davis Undergraduate Research Journal: explorations.ucdavis.edu

  • Kristin Villanueva presents her research at the 25th Annual Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Conference


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The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) encourages and facilitates research opportunities for UC Davis undergraduates in all majors and class levels. We offer awards and activities to support undergraduate research across the university. The URC promotes research as a high impact student experience to enhance readiness to succeed in future careers.  Explore our site to discover how to find an undergraduate research position and excel in the experience.

From scientific experiments to the scholarly analysis of literature, doing research is an ideal way to improve your future career prospects.  Hands-on experience can help you narrow your interests and identify your aptitudes. If you are sure of your goals, it can provide you with skills that will be valued by employers and allow you to interact more closely with faculty mentors. 

The Undergraduate Research Pathway