Services for Students

Info Sessions

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  • Coaching on identifying a faculty research sponsor
    • How do I find the right research sponsor?
    • What should I consider in establishing a working agreement?
  • Guidance on developing and sustaining a working relationship with faculty research sponsors
    • What should I expect from my research sponsor?
    • What will my research sponsor expect from me?
  • Guidance on developing your own research project and identifying a research sponsor
  • Assistance on applying to summer research opportunities outside of UC Davis

Educational programs, seminars & workshops

  • Exposure to discipline-specific research topics
  • Professional development and training activities to support skill development appropriate to the discipline (e.g., abstract writing, preparation for oral and poster presentations)
  • Information on participating in undergraduate research conferences and publication opportunities

Contact Us

Undergraduate Research Center

2300 Student Community Center

(530) 752-3390

M-F 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.