Research Rockstars Undergrad Slam 2022 Winners

Congratulations to our 2022 Research Rockstar Undergrad Slam Award Winners! 


1st Place STEM: Sujung Chung, Marine and Coastal Sciences, Feeling a Little Crabby

2nd Place: Aubrey Golden, Psychology; Cognitive Science, How Positive Childhood Experiences of Parents Might Be Reflected in their Child's Behavior

3rd Place: Michaela Lai, Psychology; Marine Ecology and Organismal Biology , Hungry, Hungry Urchins

Peoples Choice: Anushka Bharwani, Psychology; Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Antibody Cloning for Vaccine Development

Honorable Mention: Adri Penix, Marine and Coastal Science, Star Worms

Honorable Mention: Poorvi Datta, Biological Sciences, The Relationship between Sensory and Motor Timing

Honorable Mention: Maria Jasmin Abadam, ACS Chemistry, Exploration and Evaluation of Alternative Routes to CoQ10 Analogs

Honorable Mention: Sarai Jaime, Chemistry, Silicon and Organosilicon Compounds

Honorable Mention: Qihua Huang, Communication, Information Exposure that Influences COVID-19 Vaccination Beliefs in the United States