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Help with Aggie Job Link (AJL)

Posting New Position

Add new posting to AJL.

Notes about fields on the posting form:

  • Position Type: in most cases it will be anything but Full Time, Temporary/Holiday, or Postdoctoral Appointment
  • Job Title: enter or append Undergraduate Researcher
  • UCD Student Employment Center: if position is a student paid position then Yes, otherwise No
  • UCD affiliated job: if the field appears on the form then select (Yes)
  • Job Function: select one or more, include (Researcher) as one of the selection
  • Degree Level: select (Bachelor's), the degree being pursued by desired candidate
  • Class Level: if the field appears on the form then select one or more (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

Allow two to three business days for review and approval of postings. If approved and not yet expired, the posting is viewable by UC Davis students and alumni.

View/Manage Existing Positions

Review existing posting in AJL.

You may expire a posting at any time to remove it. You may also make any other changes to an active listing, but doing this removes it from students' view until the posting is re-approved.

Help Contact

If you need any additional help not found on this page, you may email

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