Undergraduate Research Checklist

Do you want to engage in undergraduate research?  Use this handy checklist to help yourself prepare.



  • What are you excited about?  Start searching the web to find out what is happening in this area. Are there news stories about flashy new discoveries?
  • Use a library database to find recent publications in the field.
  • Once you have narrowed a field of interest, check out UC Davis faculty websites to see whose work may be a good fit for you.


  • Contact faculty you have identified. Write a nice letter (see AskDrA.blogspot.com) or catch them at office hours.  E-mail the professor to ask if you can set up an appointment to see them in person or talk by phone.
  • Download the Mentor-Scholar agreement and complete this with your mentor.
  • Apply for 199 research credit, research funding, and awards.
  • Get safety training for lab research.
  • Go talk to faculty!  Apply for opportunities! BE PERSEVERANT!  BE BRAVE!