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Our Faculty and Staff

Head shot photo of Annaliese Franz

Annaliese Franz

Faculty Director


Headshot photo of Tammy Hoyer

Tammy Hoyer

Assistant Director

(530) 752-6016

Photo of Lolita Adkins

Lolita Adkins

Program Coordinator

(530) 752-9684

Headshot photo of Dee Clark

Dee Clark

Program Assistant

(530) 754-9020

Graduate Student Advisors

Headshot photo of advisor, Tori White in front of the SCC mural Victoria (Tori) White

Headshot photo of advisor, Ben Plourde in front of the SCC mural

Ben Plourde

Peer Advisors

Headshot photo of advisor Victoria White in front of the SCC mural

Victoria Torres

Headshot photo of advisor Vanessa Talavera in front of the SCC mural

Vanessa Talavera    

We encourage students of all disciplines and class levels to get involved with undergraduate research. Stay connected with research happenings around campus and find out about the latest workshops and events by checking out our newsletter URConnection

How to Sign Up for the URC Listserv

To sign up to our listserv send an e-mail message as follows:

Subject: subscribe ugresearchcenter your name

Make an Advising Appointment

We offer 30-minute, one-on-one advising appointments to UC Davis undergraduate students. There are three convenient ways to make an advising appointment:

  1. Stop by the Undergraduate Research Center (located at 2300 Student Community Center)
  2. Call the URC office at (530) 752-3390
  3. E-mail an Appointment Request (click to fill out the e-mail form)

The URC is open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.