General Information


Students must be in good academic standing for the two consecutive academic quarters prior to the application deadline (e.g. must be in good academic standing for Spring and Fall to apply in the Winter deadline). Applicants must be registered students at time of application and travel. Students on PELP (Planned Educational Leave Program) are not eligible for this award. Travel must take place during the award period (see above). Acceptance of paper/abstract/piece may be pending at time of application, but proof of submission is required. Only one application will be accepted per student per cycle.

We will consider team applications (where all authors are presenting same abstract) but any award would be split equally among the team members.  To apply as a team you must submit a single application indicating the names of all team members.  Write the short essay portions from the perspective of the team. Most nationally and internationally recognized meetings do not allow team presentations and a single representative is generally expected to present as first author for the abstract. 

Spring graduates are eligible to present the summer after June commencement provided that the work being presented was completed with a UC Davis faculty member prior to graduation.

Award Budget

Any travel expenditure allowable under the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual on the Travel Expense Voucher is reimbursable up to the award amount ($500). Teams will split the award (up to $500 total) equally among the presenting members. Only one award per student per 15 month period. Funds will be deposited to the sponsoring professor’s account and travel reimbursements will be handled through their department office.

Application Procedure

Fillout the application form. You will be asked to upload your abstract, transcript, confirmation of acceptance to conference (if available) and a Letter of Support as instructed on the application. This is a competitive award.  Proposals will be reviewed by the applicant’s specific College awards committee, which will rank the applications.  Awards will be distributed by the URC on the basis of these rankings and availability of funds. Funds are disbursed to the sponsoring faculty member (must be UC Davis) who will be responsible for handling travel reimbursements.

Expectations of Awardees

Upon completion of travel awardees must complete and submit a Travel Summary Form and Expense Report. Failure to complete these reports may result in rescinding of funds.

Any questions concerning the Undergraduate Travel Awards or the application process may be directed to Tammy Hoyer, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Research Center,, (530)752-3390.